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Your child will have two reading books in their bookbag. Please ask your child to read them at home and don’t forget to ask them questions about the text. It is really important to develop their understanding of a text, as well as improving their decoding skills.

Click here for question ideas:


* Changing reading books – the class are asked whether they need to change reading books during the week. If your child doesn’t get new books then please remind them to change their books or talk to us.

GUIDED READING:  We teach reading skills by hearing your child in a guided group once a week. The book is set at a higher level than their home reader and is used to teach and practice specific skills, the children are grouped into similar reading abilities. They will read a mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts.


We cover a great deal of new concepts in Year 2, as well as developing        maths image

our skills in basic calculations from Year 1. The children have regular

homework, which relates to current classwork.

Some of the key areas you can develop at home are:

  1. Learning number bonds to 10  (8+2, 7+3 etc) and then to 20
  2. Learning to say the counting patterns of 2, 5 and 10 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40………….
  3. Then develop these counting patterns with 3 and 4
  4. Learn the doubles to 20, eg Double 8 is 16, then relate to halves Half 16 is 8

Calculation Methods

Please click here to see how we teach different calculation methods: Calculation Methods     maths operations



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