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One of our on-going aims (2015/16) is to improve communication between home and school, we regard this strong partnership as a very important part of our whole school ethos. Over this academic year we have:

  1. Ensured that parents are kept well informed with weekly newsletters. (Recent survey said they were very informative 100% response)
  2. Introduced weekly emails to parents from class teachers, giving information about class learning and events.
  3. Arranged an Autumn term meeting to inform parents about the new assessment arrangements.
  4. Given parents an Autumn term report, using the new assessment model at Parent Consultation meetings.
  5. Arranged a Marvelous Maths Morning (Spring Term) to show parents calculation methods and give open access to all classrooms.
  6. Arranged a parent’s meeting to discuss our school improvement priorities and results from the recent parent’s survey.
  7. Future events include:

  1. 16th March Open Science Afternoon – to inform parents about the primary science curriculum and give open access to all classrooms.
  2. Summer term (date to be confirmed) – an ICT/Computing showcase open day.
  3. Autumn Term (date to be confirmed) – a parent’s writing workshop
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